Five AV Tech Blogs You Should be Following

Blogs. We can find them for just about anything, but the issue is knowing which ones we should follow. Luckily for us, we have people who go around on the internet doing research and writing lists about the best blogs to follow so the question is answered. Thank you again, Google!

Five AV Tech Blogs to Follow

Audio Visual blogs are probably some of the most difficult to decide on. Why? There are so many options. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor theater? Are you using your projectors for game play? Movies? Do you prefer LCD or DLP? So, since there are so many options, which ones should you read?

MASHABLE:No, not strictly AV, but everything techy can be found in this “mash” of blogs. You may learn a few new things about a few old things you never knew before.

SPINITARThis blog gives the advantages for everything AV. From corporate presentations to classroom lessons, this blog compares different projectors, wireless technology, and tools that can help you make the most of your AV equipment. Definitely a must read for the AV enthusiast.

AVNETWORK:Sign Guides, budgeting, networked audio, and classroom collaborations are all article topics you can find on AV Network. This blog has a very interesting and complex appearance. There are articles overlapping and fading constantly while scrolling montages catch the eye. Top notch pieces, but it would be much better without the jumble.

Level3AVThis blog has categories such as AV integration (which focuses on the use of AV in business), AV technicians (a how to in debugging and fixing your own AV glitches), and a buying guide for new items (Reviews! We all love ‘em!). This page has a plethora of information that spans a variety of areas in the AV world.

Sound and VisionFinally, we have Sound and Vision. They give you the opportunity to ask your own questions. Blogs specifically formulated to answer frequently asked questions for their followers are some of the best blogs you can read. You’re having an issue finding the right place to mount your projector? Want to know what kind of screen to get with the new projector you just purchased? What issues do people run into when planning their home theaters? Just toss a question to the editor’s email and they’ll be happy to address your concerns.

VPN Review: Protecting your day is more important than ever. VPN Review gives you an unbiased look at todays top VPN providers. oday Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows us not only to be anonymous on the network but also bypass censorship, geo-restrictions and protect our financial transactions. It seems to be the best technology in the field of security which is available for everybody.
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