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Not only do we do our best to make sure that your website looks and functions better than your competition, but we also make sure you are properly listed and ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. A successful SEO plan has to be customized to your site, your needs and your goals. Through our proven process and SEO strategies we will energize your local and national search rankings so your customers can find you. We have been in the internet business since 1998 and we have seen every trick, twist and turn it has taken and takes to get organic listings.
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Strategy, Synergy, Success…

Looking for an SEO service that will actually get results?
Our process is designed to ensure the highest level of SEO success in the shortest amount of time possible. With the help of Internet Dzyns and our proven process, you can be sure it’s done right. With years of experience in the industry and years honing our skills, you can be assured that you will rank better in each of the major search engines.

Our SEO Action Plan involves more than 40+ weekly steps including the  following…


Facebook pages allow you to connect with a larger audience to further your brand or company’s reach. Engage with followers to allow for more social sharing, and your visibility will continue to grow.

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Twitter is an effective medium for reaching a large audience very quickly. It is great for quick updates to loyal fans, or promoting a mix of products and fresh content to generate sales.

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Instagram has always had retailers and advertisers utilizing the platform, but now it’s easier than ever to accomplish branding goals and drive traffic to your site, especially for retailers selling products. The blog feature of Instagram allows for companies to issue updates and share other content from your blog or site. (For example, a school event blog post with a photo on Eduprize, you would make an instagram post about it using the same hashtags which are based on the keywords and longtail keywords).

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Pinterest is great for retailers as it allows social-link building and free marketing of product pages as these are typically geared toward niche markets. The greatest benefit of a Pinterest campaign is the social sharing benefits; Links go directly to a landing page, and users will re-pin their findings using the social share buttons embedded onto the landing page.

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LinkedIn Business Page

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Google Plus is the cornerstone for Social-based SEO. Maintaining a Google Plus page will drastically increase chances of both user-engagement social shares and page search visibility, especially impacting local SEO.

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Google My Business

Coupled with Google Plus, Google My Business syncs with Google Maps to show your customers just where you’re located. Change business information at any time (to reflect holidays, school closings, special events) and engage with past, present, and future customers by taking reviews and engaging with media your customers have shared of your business.

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