How to Improve your Facebook Ad Strategy

Some businesses believe their target audience is broad, such as “working professionals.” While all professionals may take advantage of your merchandise or services, you should narrow your target [...]


Want to be a successful Instagram Marketer?

Recently I viewed a webinar about Instagram Marketing in 2016, which featured the exact way to go about paid or unpaid advertising using Instagram. Here are some important points. Instagram [...]


Discovery VR Debuts at #CES2016

Among the marketing advertisers at #CES2016 was a booth for Discovery VR. Discovery VR is comprised of Virtual Reality programming by Discovery Channel. Now this is certainly exciting in-and-of [...]


Video Advertising Holds its Weight at #CES2016

Our team didn’t arrive at #CES2016 until Day 2 of the expo, so naturally we began our journey by stopping at the marketing and advertising cluster of exhibits. There were many advertisement [...]