10 SEO Myths Whats Fact, Whats Fiction

Search engine optimization is a huge part of building a modern website. It’s also something that is terribly misunderstood. From improving page rank through simple tricks to stuffing sites [...]


Top 4 Paid Digital Marketing Platforms

Statistics show that only 13.5 percent of the U.S. adult population doesn’t use the internet and this number will likely shrink even further in the years to come. Business owners can [...]


Why Perform A Content SEO Audit

Audits are necessary for all types of businesses and operations – not the IRS kind; wait, come back! While financial and operational audits mandated by the Internal Revenue Service are [...]


How To Build Backlinks for Your Website

Learn How to Build Backlinks for Your Website If you are someone who is building an online business, it is very important to understand how to build backlinks. After all, customers are visiting [...]


How and Why to Use Click-to-Call Buttons on Your Website

Many website owners wonder what they can do to improve their customer’s experience. One option is to add a click-to-call button. This is a simple and extremely effective feature that can be used [...]


Tips on SEO Keywords & Market Research

It’s been said that imitation is one of the sincerest forms of flattery, and nowhere is it truer than in the business of SEO Keywords & Market Research. If a business owner is attempting to [...]


Does your Company Need SEO Professionals?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the methods and techniques that ensure the visibility of your business website at the top of all search engine pages. SEO helps to maximize the presence [...]


‘Things to do near me’ SEO

Search Engine Land columnist Andrew Shotland takes a look at the ‘near me’ phenomenon and shares data that helps illuminate how to rank for these queries. Read the entire article here.


The Top WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2017

WordPress SEO plugins can be used on your business’s blog to gain exposure and increase website traffic. WordPress can help to improve different aspects of SEO and increase site visibility. The [...]


Long-Term SEO & Sustainability

The most important aspect of any business is longevity. You can have an amazing idea, a great marketing plan, but if your idea is going to be obsolete in five years, how are you going to sell [...]

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