10 Reasons Your Brand Needs LinkedIn


Over the years, LinkedIn has continued to be the number one go-to solution for promoting brands to a B2B market. If you’re not using Linked In as part of your social media marketing strategy, you could be missing out in a big way. These are 10 definitive reasons your brand needs Linked In now more than ever.
1. It’s one of the most commonly used platforms.
From just a site population and ranking standpoint, the number of people using Linked In to boost their brands is incredible. Likewise, the number of people looking for your brand and services is also off the charts. Simply put, you’re missing out on possible connections and revenue by skipping out on Linked In.
2. Your odds of finding talent are heightened.
You’re probably continually looking for people who can bring certain talents and specialties to the table, and if you’re not including Linked In as a part of your search, you’re missing out on some serious expertise. There are so many gifted people waiting to help take your brand to the next level, and the majority of them are on Linked In.
3. You will generate additional leads.
This seems like common sense; after all, the entire point of this website is to connect you with people who can help your business ventures blossom into something greater. However, your lead generation stands to grow at a significant rate just by adding LinkedIn to your social media marketing strategy.
4. Relationships are more easily built and nurtured.
Most anyone in the business world has a Linked In profile, and you can easily keep in touch with them via this network. Long gone are the days of missing out on a potential connection simply because you lost their business card.
5. Your LinkedIn profile can be optimized for Google search.
If you can optimize your profile with appropriate keywords and terms, there’s a chance you could send it high up in search engine rankings. You likely already know how this can boost your chances for increased connections and revenue.
6. You can reach followers more easily.
Unlike Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, Linked In’s algorithm is designed to show the latest posts first rather than posts it thinks you’ll be more interested in. Because posts are displayed in the order that they were made, you can heavily manipulate your reach. As a rule of thumb, you should post at least once every 1-2 days on your Linked In profile to maintain follower interest.
7. Your odds of finding investors increase.
Some people use Linked In strictly for investment opportunities, and you never know who might be fully in support of backing your brand. Consider creating a profile on Linked In to begin tapping into the countless investors who are continually looking for more ways to spark growth.
8. You can keep current investors updated.
When you release regular updates via your LinkIn profile about your developments and new undertakings, your shareholders gain peace of mind that your brand is thriving. The key to staying in continual touch with shareholders is through Linked In.
9. Referrals and recommendations are possible on LinkedIn.
If a friend or colleague makes a referral to you for a third party, you can easily be reached through a Linked In profile. From there, the third party can see all pertinent information about your brand and get a better idea of who you are and what types of goals you have.
10. Lastly, you can manipulate your search visibility for Linked In.
The website has its own version of SEO that can allow users to appear high in Linked In’s search engine rankings. You can design your profile with search rankings in mind to ensure you’re always fully visible in relevant searches.



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