10 Reasons Your Brand Needs Twitter

The importance of social media in marketing and brand image has grown substantially as it serves as a great way to reach an audience and connect with them effectively. Twitter is a popular social media channel that can be used to communicate with consumers, grow brand and product awareness, drive traffic, and more. The use of this platform can be an overall very effective channel, and here are 10 reasons your brand needs to be active on this social media outlet.
1. You Send Brand and Product Updates
Twitter has over 300 million active users worldwide, and according to their provided data, about 74 percent of users who follow brands follow these pages to receive updates on future products and receive brand news. This provides a great opportunity to share information and grow awareness for products that you have released or ones that have yet to come out.
2. Your Competition is Likely Using It
Over 60 percent of U.S. brands use Twitter for social media marketing purposes. This means that your competition is most likely using it to market their products and grow awareness, which could potentially hurt the market share of companies who aren’t taking advantage of this channel. Using social media can help your brand get a leg up in the competitive market.
3. Coupons and Deals Can be Offered
Many users also use the platform to search for deals and coupons, which can boost sales and provide a lot of value to consumers. Coupons and deals are likely to be shared with others, which can increase the viral nature of a post and grow your audience. This Twitter marketing tactic is also a fast and simple way to reach consumers.
4. Customer Service Can be Provided
Instead of contacting the company by email or phone, consumers tend to reach out through social media or post opinions about a brand online. Being active on social media allows your brand to reach out to those with concerns in order to provide a solution and also allows you to show appreciation for those who compliment the brand. Through the monitoring of comments, retweets, and other interactions, you can easily gauge how consumers feel about the brand and can even influence this sentiment.
5. You Can Better Stay on Top of Trends
The immense amount of user data available through this site can help your brand better adapt to market changes and connect with an audience more effectively. You can analyze the actions of competition and stay aware of what consumers enjoy and how they react to the content they see on the internet. This knowledge provides opportunities for the brand to create its own unique social media marketing trends or become part of one.
6. Networking With Influencers is Simple
Being able to reach out to and work with influencers on this social media channel is easier than ever, and getting these influencers to promote your brand or products provides many opportunities. This allows the brand to grow its reach and even shape the way the world sees the brand based on who you network with.
7. Engagement with Your Target Market Will Grow
Posting frequently encourages followers to interact with the brand, and effective posts can encourage likes, comments, retweets, click-throughs, and more. More engagement increases the likelihood that your brand will be seen by a larger audience, and from these engagements you can learn what consumers like and don’t like about your brand and learn what types of posts work well.
8. You Can Grow Your Consumer Base
Through the retweets, likes, follows, promotions, partnerships, and more, you can not only reach your customers and followers, but you can grow your audience and customer base as well. Users are likely to shop online, click through to your website, and your tweets will show up in Google search, making this channel a great way to grow sales and generate leads.
9. There are Various Marketing Methods to Use
There are various methods that can be used to carry out Twitter marketing, including the use of user-generated content, campaign promotion, launching sweepstakes, announcing news, and more. All of these methods provide a lot of versatility in regards to what marketing goals the brand has and can keep consumers engaged with an array of fresh content.
10. You Can Influence Your Brand Image
This aspect is very important because it defines the success of the brand overall. Through activity on social media, you can shape a brand image through the products you post, the personality that is shown in your tweets, how you interact with followers and deal with both positive and negative opinions and publicity, and more. It is crucial to articulate actions carefully and make each one count.


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