How Does Competitor Traffic Affect Your Website?


Competitor Traffic: Ruse or Reveal?

Although Traffic Analysis may be beneficial – it is essential to not scowl and worry too much of the traffic of your competitors. Your direct competitor traffic does not show you how well you’re doing, it only shows you what’s working for them.
Web traffic is a definite achievement small companies use to discover if their site is “working”. Companies also find their specified level of revenue or prospects using their website traffic. Website traffic articles typically berate the reader with nonsense. You’ll find many articles describing how to raise website traffic, with no actual solutions to do so.
Some companies see competitor traffic as “they’re eating our lunch” whereas some find it opportunistic, to take advantage of keywords that other sites aren’t fully utilizing. In order to develop a better keyword and traffic strategy, you’ve got to look at your individual website traffic in comparison to the traffic your competition is currently pulling in. What are they’re keywords? Do they use a specific linguistic style in their social media and pages that draws the reader to stay on their website? Competitor traffic (or any traffic at all, really…) is based around  multiple components, so you’ve got to have a wide variety of skills.
It’s more beneficial for a company wishing to grow their online presence to focus on what types of ways their competitors are gaining traffic, and not the actual traffic itself.
For example, If I were a webmaster for a small outdoors shop located in Missouri – I wouldn’t be looking at how many website visits Cabela’s in Missouri gets; I’d firstly focus on what kinds of keywords Cabela’s ranks highly for, and what keywords they don’t rank so highly for. The words that a company – with twice the Domain Authority and three times the Page Authority – rank highly for aren’t going to be the keyword’s we’d like to focus on. Long tail keywords, or low cost value (thought still efficient) keywords are crucial to improving your web presence and placement on Google.
Mostly, focusing on other sites traffic will only bury you. Rather than focusing on things like sales and traffic for competitors – find out what ways you can take advantage of what they are not.
With the way that Google’s ranking algorithm changes, SEO companies and web development teams have to stay focused. If you begin to focus too much on the process, and not enough on the actual proclivity for hard work, your work will become meaningless. Wasted time directly correlates to forgotten tasks and unfinished projects. Stay focused, stay on top of things, and quit worrying about your competitors traffic.
Now that social media has become such a key in website development and online presence, aspects of web development are a bit easier to work through. For instance – an accurate gauge of how well your competitors are doing can be based upon the number of Facebook fans their official page has. This number can reflect on many things, such as how many new users interact with that business on a daily basis.

How To Strategize Against Competitor Traffic

There are many tools on the web that have analytics and analytic-style tools that anyone can use if they pay for it. Tools like SEO Profiler and Google Analytics are great examples. These tools allow for you to change and fix your site based around the results of other sites in comparison to yours. Now when you’re utilizing tools like this, it’s extremely important not to focus on the physical number of people accessing your competitors pages’. You must focus on building what you’ve made, designed, or bought.
At this stage, you’ve got to take advantage of what your competitor is not using. Competitor keywords can be drawn from your sources, as well as competitor page authority. If their page or domain authority is low, you should take note of those keywords and begin your research and keyword implementation. Ensure all your bases are covered by setting up social media for your client, and following through with your SEO expertise. On page is just as important as off page, and if you ever feel as though a task is too small to complete for any results – you’re wrong. SEO must be taken up in small steps, focusing on the inner workings of your website. Once your team or your business ensures that month-to-month each minor task is completed on time, the bigger picture will fall into place before you know it.
With each key to web development beginning to fall into place, you’ll see your website traffic gradually increase. Marketing your product can be difficult if you’re not in a niche market. However, that’s based on the discretion of the owner. If you use all of your tools and resources to gain better control of your site, the numbers will come as the work is done. Stay focused, stay determined, stay SEO friendly.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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