20% Off Google Apps for Work for 1 Year


As part of the Google Apps for Work Referral Program, we have been given most recently 23 coupons to share, which will give new customers of Google Apps for Work 20% off for the first year.
This is our Referral Link and will give you a free trial.
The if you decide to continue with Google Apps, use  one of our codes for 20% off.
If anyone is interested in receiving one of these coupon codes, please contact me through Linked In or by visiting our Contact Us page on our website.  Mention Google Apps Coupon Code and I will send one to you.
Unused codes expire 8/2016 and we only have 23 so act fast if you want one.
Well for starters it is simple, fast and does just about everything you can imagine. We use it in our business and have replaced Outlook and Microsoft office with it. Now everything we do an just about every file we have can be accessed from anywhere (with an internet connection) on just about any device.
We can easily collaborate from around the world and work on a doc at the same time. I removed MS Office 2 years ago to force myself to use it and never looked back, well maybe once or twice in the beginning but not anymore.
What Google Apps gives you and what it can replace…
(at least, what it replaced for me)

  • Gmail = Outlook / Hotmail / Yahoo mail
  • Calendar = Outlook Calendar
  • Docs = Microsoft Word
  • Sheets = Excel
  • Slides = PowerPoint
  • Drive = Cloud Storage (i do still use drop box as well though)
  • Sites = I have not used this much, since we build websites
  • Hangouts = Skype


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