Link Building the Correct Way & Why it’s Important


Driving more traffic to a website has been something that online marketing, such as search engine optimization, has been striving to do for websites for the past 10 to 15 years. While the process of search engine optimization is fairly straightforward, there are a number of factors that are included in a successful SEO campaign. One of those is link building.
What is Link Building
Link building is the process in which a particular keyword, pursuant to a product or service that is being marketed, is hyperlinked. These hyperlinks typically look like highlighted words that are underlined. Clicking on these words directs the user to a website that provides information or sells a product or service related to the highlighted keyword phrase. This is called a backlink.
Doing it Right
Much like anything, there’s a particular way to go about creating a backlink. This is important to do correctly, because the amount of links a particular website has, and the prestige of the link, can correlate to better search engine rankings. This can help drive more traffic to a website. While understanding how these links work is important, understanding how to get the best quality links and avoid a Google penalty is also important.
The first thing that needs to be understood is that Google analytics, such as Google spiders that scour the Internet for information and propagate search engine queries, take backlinks into account. People can create backlinks with the use of articles, blog posts or forum submissions. This can be done by the individual, or this can be contracted out from specific SEO companies.
What needs to be done is link building in an organic fashion. These days, people can purchase links, rather than going through the process of building them themselves. However, Google and other search engines often frown on this practice, which is why they program their web crawlers to spot unnatural backlinks. That’s why doing a few things can help in this task.
Patience is the Key
The first thing is to show patience when either building or buying a link. An organic way to add links is to do so at a clip of about 5 to 10 links per week. Any more than this can trigger web crawlers to flag a site for unnatural backlinking.
Your Profile
It’s also important to consider a website’s backlink profile. This profile is a breakdown of the domains on which a website’s links exist. It also represents how many links exist. Should there be too many links on websites that have a high SB rating (a prestige ranking for websites), this could flag the links as unnatural and result in a penalty. This is a penalty where a website is stricken from a search engine query for an extended period of time.
That’s why, when building or buying links, the purchaser or the builder should consider websites with not only high SB rankings, but low rankings as well. This helps even out the prestige of websites used for backlinks, and helps it look more organic and more natural to web crawlers avoiding potential Google penalties.
As you can see, when it comes to backlinks seo can thrive. It can also fall flat on its face if it’s not done properly. While a bad link can happen from time to time, link building done in a way that is organic is the best way to improve search engine rankings and avoid unnecessary problems and penalties.



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