SEO Myths: Guest Blogging


We all know that Search Engine Optimization is built on the basis of outperforming your competitors in search engine results and maintaining that competitive level throughout the life of your site. But while we can all agree on what SEO actually is, there are many SEO myths that can cause even the best SEO expert to make mistakes that may not just cost their client’s search rankings, but may cost them in the way of resources as well.


If you’re a regular reader of our blog, or even the weekend enthusiast, you probably know by now that we have a regular guest author (Justin Morris). Publishing guest content is a phenomenal way to get exposure for a new and talented writer, as well as target audiences outside the scope of what you would consider ‘average.’ Guest blogging was once a decent backlink-building strategy, but according to an article by Neil Patel, Google’s Panda algorithm updates were punishing low-quality content (IE: The mass produced click-bait crap that we see littered on just about every site, everywhere). Guest bloggers were sharing their articles with multiple sites for exposure, and these low-quality posts were harming the authority and reputation of the sites themselves.
To clarify, however, guest blogging itself is stellar for SEO. Most sites host content by a plethora of various authors, and those authors are usually published on multiple sites. It’s encouraged to backlink in just about every scenario, but there’s a tactful way to do it with saturating your post with links to ‘crappy content.’ As long as your guest authors are producing quality content, you can expect better results from your SEO campaign.
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