Top 4 Paid Digital Marketing Platforms


Statistics show that only 13.5 percent of the U.S. adult population doesn’t use the internet and this number will likely shrink even further in the years to come.
Business owners can capitalize on this trend with a good digital marketing strategy for their products and services online with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
PPC vs SEO Marketing: What’s the Difference?
PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay for every click their ads receive. The advertiser typically isn’t charged for setting up an account or creating ads. Instead, he or she is only charged when a qualified user clicks one of their ads.
In comparison, search engine optimization (SEO) involves building backlinks, creating content and performing other on-site and off-site optimization with the goal of achieving a higher organic search ranking. Aside from any professional services, SEO is free. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll achieve a top search ranking. With PPC, you are guaranteed a top ad placement as long as you bid high enough.
#1) AdWords
Originally launched October 23, 2000, Google AdWords is a PPC digital marketing platform that allows advertisers to create custom ads for Google Search and partner sites. Advertisers create a text ad, select the keyword searches to trigger this ad and then specify a maximum bid price for your keywords.
AdWords arguably offers the highest quality traffic of all PPC platforms. And being that it’s owned by Google, AdWords is constantly tweaking and improving the platform.
While the Search Network typically offers the highest conversion rate and return on investment (ROI), Google AdWords also offers Display Network advertising, which is a larger network of more than 2 million websites and 600,000 apps. According to Google, the Display Network reaches more than 90 percent of the world’s internet users.
#2) Bing Ads
Bing Ads is another top PPC marketing platform to consider. It uses a similar format as Google AdWords in which advertisers create text ads, choose keywords and specify a maximum bid price. Ads are displayed on the Microsoft-operated search engine, Yahoo Search, AOL and partner sites.
Bing Ads may lack the reach of its AdWords counterpart, but it’s still an effective PPC marketing platform. In fact, many advertisers on the platform often report a higher ROI than AdWords. This is because clicks are usually cheaper and deliver high-quality traffic.
#3) Facebook Ads
Covering the world’s largest social network, Facebook Ads has become the digital marketing platform by many business owners and advertisers. Ads aren’t placed on search engines, however. Instead, they are placed on Facebook — either in users’ News Feeds, the right-column sidebar and Instant Articles.
Facebook Ads aren’t limited strictly to text, either. Some ad formats allow the use of images or videos.
Additionally, Facebook Ads can reach Instagram users in feeds or stories. With Instagram boasting more than 500 million active users, this alone is a huge reason to use Facebook Ads.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of using Facebook Ads is its vast targeting options. Since ads are featured on Facebook instead of search engine results, there’s no keyword bidding. Rather, Facebook advertisers specify the audience they want to see their ads. Facebook Ads allows targeting by a wide range of criteria, including age, interests, location, gender, languages, connections and more.
#4) AdRoll Retargeting
Finally, AdRoll Retargeting is a special type of marketing service offered by the ad agency AdRoll that focuses specifically on remarketing ads. Remarketing ads are custom ads targeting users with whom a business or advertiser has already made contact. If a user visits a business owner’s website but leaves without making a purchase, that business owner can attempt to get him or her back through remarketing.
AdRoll Retargeting can display remarketing ads across more than 500 exchanges. Because it targets users who’ve already visited the advertiser’s website, AdRoll Retargeting typically yields a high ROI. The platform also offers a clean, user-friendly interface.
Using these four digital marketing platforms, you’ll have an easier time promoting your business and achieving your goals. Just remember to continuously monitor and optimize your marketing campaigns.



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