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10 Ways To Tell A Story Through Social Media


Social Media

1. Five-Act Structure

Exposition – Introduce important background information, who are the characters in the story
Rising action – Tell a series of events to build up to the climax
Climax – Turn the story around (usually the most exciting part of the story)
Falling action – Continue the action from the climax
Dénouement – Ending the story with a resolution

2. Standard Three-Act Structure

Setup – Set the scene and introduce the character(s)
Confrontation or “Rising action” – Present a problem and build up the tension
Resolution – Resolve the problem

3. Before – After – Bridge

Before – Describe the world with Problem A.
After – Imagine what it’d be like having Problem A solved.
Bridge – Here’s how to get there.

4. Problem – Agitate – Solve

Problem – Present a problem
Agitate – Agitate the problem
Solve – Solve the problem

5. Why – What – How

Why – Why the company exists
How – How the company fulfills its Why
What – What the company does to fulfill its Why

6. Magic Formula

Incident – Share a relevant, personal experience
Action – Describe the specific action taken to solve or prevent a problem
Benefit – State the benefits of the action

7. V Formula

Introduce the character
Bring the story to its lowest point
Turn it around and finish with a happy ending

8. Star – Chain – Hook

Star – An attention-getting, positive opening
Chain – A series of convincing facts, benefits, and reasons
Hook – A powerful call-to-action

9. The Hero’s Journey

Departure – A hero receives a call to go on an adventure, receives advice from a mentor, and heads out on her journey.
Initiation – The hero meets a series of challenges but eventually completes the mission.
Return – The hero returns and helps others with her new found power or treasure.

10. secret structure of great talks

What is – The status quo
What could be – The future that could be possible
Go back and forth between the two and end off with a …
New bliss – The wonderful future with your idea/product/service adopted



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