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Simple Social Media Strategy : FaceBook

You have something to say/posts six days a week. 1. Inform (services, products, brands)2. Tip/Help (relevant business/market tip)3. Active Engagement (Question, poll, or other form

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Why STRIPE for Your Payment Processor

Transparent Pricing No monthly fees, no doc fees. Just 2.9% and .30$ for all transactions You see what fees are taken out on each order.

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Tips, Tricks and Tools For Bulk Email Marketing

This will be an ever growing knowledge base for the tips tricks and tools needed to successfully perform bulk email marketing. As the rules, we

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7 Web Design Mistakes You Should (Must) Avoid

For your prospective clients and partners to contact and connect with your website, it must be discoverable, functional, informative. Most importantly it must present the

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10 Ways To Tell A Story Through Social Media

1. Five-Act Structure Exposition – Introduce important background information, who are the characters in the story Rising action – Tell a series of events to

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Amazing Web Design Tricks to Try This Summer

It takes 0.5 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your site. Within these 50 milliseconds, they decide whether or not they would stay

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Google Ads Account – Creation & Set Up Guide

Online advertising is always a monumental change for small and medium businesses (SMEs). So, congratulations on taking this herculean step towards growing and expanding your

Social Proof Your WordPress Website

If you own a business with a website, by now you have probably heard someone tell you they can social proof your website for a

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Three Pinterest Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Pinterest’s popularity has grown immensely in recent years. Currently, the platform boasts nearly 450 million monthly active users. Surveys also indicate that many of those