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Amazing Web Design Tricks to Try This Summer



It takes 0.5 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your site. Within these 50 milliseconds, they decide whether or not they would stay on the website. So having an exceptional and seamless website is imperative for your survival in the competitive landscape.

Building a website is not the trickiest part; there are sites which allow you to easily create a custom website. The trickiest part is to design it in a way that attracts visitors and serve your purpose, like creating an ecommerce website that boost sales. Here we are sharing some of the innovative ways to design your website in 2021.

Make Use Of Trendy Color Palettes

Often simply finding the right colors can help you get a lot of ideas for your website design. For instance, using trendy color palettes can assist you in mitigating contrasts and maintain a steady flow of the design.

Keep Your Design Interactive

When visitors enter your website, you want them to engage with the information on the page. You can achieve that by integrating interactive elements into the website.

These aspects can be anything that changes the user experience on the site by simply scrolling and clicking. For instance, instead of a typical menu, put your services in cute animations. And when the user scrolls over the service, let the animation change over slightly to encourage them to click on it.

Leverage Original Illustrations

Adding animation for every website is not a viable choice. But there are other ways to make your website come across as unique and engaging. You can hire an expert to create illustrations for the website as well as the content.

It will allow you to generate a unified visual experience for the brand. Moreover, keeping the style and color scheme of the illustration the same across the website will tie all the pages together. Such uniformity allows you to develop a strong personality for your brand.

Horizontal Scrolling

While earlier horizontal scrolling was considered a faux-pas, it has made a strong come-back. More and more web designers are experimenting with horizontal scrolls. When designing horizontal scrolling, consider the following things:

  • Harness clear visual cues to signify where content needs to scroll horizontally.
  • Hiding these cues behind the hovers is never a good idea.
  • Users should not be forced through horizontal content. Provide them with alternate ways to navigate, such as arrow buttons featuring clear labels.
  • Important texts should not be put in horizontal scroll.
  • Research about the kind of content that would work best from being added in the horizontal scroll. For instance, a photo gallery is great information to put in the horizontal scroll. Clients’ testimonials are also good content to add in a horizontal scroll.

Monochrome Image Backgrounds

One of the easiest ways to create an attractive website design is to use monochrome images instead of flat tints as the backgrounds. It allows you to accentuate the text, and make a stronger branding message.

In addition to doing the same, the design ensures that the website has the required space to breathe. To do that, you have to fill the layer on top of the image and change the blending mode to color. Once you have found the right color tone, you can experiment with image opacity.

Add Product Images

Product photography can be a good option with the right ideas. To make your product section more attractive, you have to take an artsy approach. And if you are able to do it correctly, you can make the product the center of attraction.

Images of your products can serve as a great background for your pages. And, it can also communicate information about the products. Users can tell a lot by images, so creatively adding product images can be highly helpful.

3D Visual Experience

Owing to the growth of higher resolutions, 3D designs have come a long way. Designers are weaving 3D visuals creatively into the website designs to create an outstanding look. And rather than being a distraction, they are adding value to the overall user experience. When you are using 3D design, make sure there is a balance between all the designing elements.

Embrace The Asymmetry

Modern website design is embracing the appeal of asymmetry design. The designers should experiment with moving elements around and go beyond the conventional grid layouts to create a distinctive look.

While developing unbalanced composition is quite easy, creating asymmetry in a website is tricky. In such designs, alignments continue to be critical, but there is so much more for designers to experiment with.

The Bottom Line

Every year there are tons of new tricks and trends to make web designing bigger and better. While it is important to keep up with the trends, make sure that the design element you choose works for your website and its target audience.



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