Three Pinterest Marketing Tips You Need to Know


Pinterest’s popularity has grown immensely in recent years. Currently, the platform boasts nearly 450 million monthly active users. Surveys also indicate that many of those users find new brands and products on Pinterest. Such findings highlight the value of Pinterest marketing. By coordinating with a Pinterest ads agency, your brand can cast a wide net among users who are often actively looking to purchase the very types of items and services you offer. That said, not all Pinterest marketing campaigns are equally effective.

Optimize your results by keeping the following tips in mind:

Pin Consistently, But Schedule Ahead of Time

Pinterest marketing campaigns are often more organic and natural than campaigns on other social media platforms because Pinterest ads typically resemble common Pinterest posts, or “Pins.”

Marketers who’ve tested various strategies find that “Pinning” five times a day throughout the day tends to yield the highest levels of engagement. Scheduling your Pins ahead of time will also allow you to work more efficiently.

That makes Pinterest somewhat unique when compared to various other platforms. On Twitter, it makes more sense to Tweet spontaneously to take advantage of trending discussions or hashtags. That’s not typically necessary on Pinterest. Although the occasional spontaneous Pin may be justified, very often, you can achieve ideal results by automating your campaigns.

Experiment With Different Types of Pins

Don’t limit yourself by only posting basic Pins consisting of static images. Your Pinterest ads can feature real-time product pricing info, articles, videos, recipes, and more.

Not every type of Pin will be ideal for your brand. However, you should still experiment with the various options available to you to see which types your audience most responds to.

Optimize Your Descriptions

Pinterest is a visually-rich and dynamic platform. Sometimes, this causes marketers to forget that writing effective descriptions to correspond with their Pins is still essential.

Pinterest’s team recommends inserting keywords into descriptions for more engagement. They also don’t recommend keeping descriptions short if doing so requires omitting helpful details. If a description can include all necessary details without being too long, that’s perfect, but a long detailed description tends to be more effective than a short vague one. Naturally, your descriptions should also encourage users to take some form of action.

Don’t wait to plan your campaigns if your brand doesn’t have a Pinterest presence yet. Pinterest continues to add millions of new users every month. You need to take advantage of this trend sooner rather than later. These tips will help.

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