Why STRIPE for Your Payment Processor


Transparent Pricing
No monthly fees, no doc fees. Just 2.9% and .30$ for all transactions
You see what fees are taken out on each order.
Not additional fees for AMEX

PCI Compliant
The CC info is never delivered or passed through our server so we are PCI compliant out the gate.

Easy to Use Dashboard
If we do need to process a refund, or verify an order the dashboard is very secure and easy to work with.

Radar to fight Fraud
Radar uses machine learning to detect and block fraud. It leans across millions of global companies and billions of transactions. – and it is built in. Also incorporates Dynamic 3D Secure 2 as part of its set.

Even if a card is new to our business, theres an 89% chance the card has been seen by the strip network and already has a risk rating applied to it.

Chargeback Protection
Stripes chargeback protection defends your business from unpredictability of disputes. All fees are covered – does cost 0.4% per transaction if you want it.

Visa, MC, AMX, Discover, JCB, Apple and Google Pay and a few more.
Also allows for wallet payments and local payment methods as well including ACH Debit and Credit transfers.



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