Bing Expands Options to Users


Bing increases its competitive edge by releasing new options to their users’ packages. Advertisers can now set up and launch longer text ad formats in one of two ways: Google AdWords or Bing Ads Editor. After running a beta in Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), Bing Ads introduced this feature to the markets.
In addition to this extension, third party platforms such as Marin, Kenshoo, intelliAd, and Rakuten all support the new development in ETAs. Other management systems are said to achieve compatibility soon.
Bing Ads also has recommendations which are similar to the Google AdWords platform. This option gives the users the option to run new ETAs alongside existing standard text ads during the initial test phases. This allows you take advantage of ad extension setups and allows you to test various actions and variations of ETAs.
On top of this new ETA addition to Bing, you can now also use the new system Share Budgets. This feature allows you to have a pre-set budget across a set of ad campaigns to save time monitoring and adjusting allocations to advertisements. For example, if your company has an advertisement budget of $500, this amount would be allocated to the campaign which needs the most exposure or meets the relevance of the search put in by the user. With Shared Budgets, all campaigns, or just a subset of campaigns, can have a single budget which will get dispersed automatically.
These new additions to the software options available with Bing make them more competitively comparable to Google.



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