FTP Camera Showdown

Whether it be for your home, your business, your nursery, your charity, or your dog’s house (you know, just because), security cameras are an important service. If you have a good camera setup, [...]

Dear Activision, Relax

In my previous post, I alluded to how two of the biggest gaming franchises in the world are experiencing bizarrely similar fates to older series whose flames fizzled out after years of being [...]

Gaming Deal Wednesday: February 3

In coming up with some new ideas for a weekly series, I decided to cover the weekly game deals from Humble Bundle and Steam in two editions: The Wednesday Edition, and the Saturday Edition. [...]

Audible.com Review

Today I decided to try out Audible.com on a whim. Sometimes when you’re editing meta tags and doing maintenance SEO tasks, you have the capacity to digest some information and audiobooks [...]

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