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Showdown: SEO Tools Available Today


With a rise in demand in the world of search engine optimization, so has the number of software options which make SEO that much easier. There are so many tools now, however, it is an information overload.
Luckily, making lists on a website is something people get paid to do! A list of the most prominent SEO tools compared, apples to apples, will help you in your search for the perfect SEO optimization tool. Below you’ll find the breakdown for the top three for the price.

#3: Moz

For $1188 a year, you can run 5 projects, up to 350 keywords, up to 10,000 researched backlinks, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Long standing reliability in the marketplace, having over a decade of loyalty with its consumers, Moz made the top three easily. Offering a wide variety of tools that can help with your site’s SEO management, the software is basic and user friendly.

#2: SEMRush

Scraping in at number two on the list, SEM Rush has a lower price point of $839 per year. Much like Moz, you get 5 projects and up to 10,000 researched backlinks. Better than that, there is immediate data delivery where Moz has a seven day lag, and SEMRush allows you to track up to 29 SEs as opposed to the 3 offered by our #3 competitor.

#1: SEO Powersuite

The top pick should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar in the world of SEO management. With unlimited projects, unlimited keywords, unlimited crawled pages, and up to 40,000 backlinks researched with a price point much lower than its competitors, SEO Powersuite easily slides above the rest. With a $299 per year price point with a low maintenance fee, this program offers a plethora of options which are very limited with its competitors.
Given the number of SEO project management systems on the market, it’s hard to narrow it down to only three. With software like HubSpot, SEOProfiler, Raven Tools, AWR Cloud and Majestic, each with their own features which make them appealing to their own fan base. Even with this knowledge, browsing through the layouts and reading user reviews can only get you so far. Making a solid list of wants and needs for your SEO concepts will make choosing a program compatible much easier.  



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