SEEK Compact Thermal Image Camera Review


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been obsessed with spy novels and movies. When I was 13, I had an obsession with James Bond (Goldeneye had just been released on VHS AND Nintendo 64) and Metal Gear Solid. I suppose you could also say I’ve always been into stealth and spy gadgetry, especially at the rate in which the industry releases innovative new technology. The field of spy gear may have started as a nerd’s niche market, but this gadgetry is becoming increasingly popular due to practical applications anywhere and everywhere.

The SEEK Compact Thermal Image Camera

Can you imagine what it would be like to have infrared thermal imaging at your fingertips anywhere you go? Now you don’t have to. SEEK Thermal has released a compact infrared thermal imaging camera that conveniently connects to your Apple iPhone or Android devices directly through the charge port. Though the nefarious implications are blatantly obvious, there are many applications for this technology both in and out of the IT department. Obviously you can use this to see which wires and installations are hot and actively running, but you can also use it in any application where you’re to be surrounded by darkness or pitch-black. “Well, when would this ever be relevant?” you ask.
Living in Arizona, camping isn’t so much a hobby as a preferred pastime. These handy little infrared cameras are great for those dark nights (or even closets and underneath beds) where you need to be certain that there are no monsters lying in wait to ambush you. While your child might appreciate you taking the time to show him or her that the closet monster took the night off, the entire family can rest easy during your camping trip because you can see whomever or whatever is approaching you from quite a way away… and through the walls of a tent.



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