Exploring 360 VR Media

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a way to embed 360-degree virtual reality (VR) media for headsets in search engine optimizable web pages which are accessible both on desktop and mobile [...]

How to Choose a Projector

You want a movie theater in your home? You want to host outdoor movies on warm summer evenings? You want a mega screen for the big game in your den? There is one word that springs to mind: [...]

Dear Activision, Relax

In my previous post, I alluded to how two of the biggest gaming franchises in the world are experiencing bizarrely similar fates to older series whose flames fizzled out after years of being [...]

Gaming Deal Wednesday: February 17

In coming up with some new ideas for a weekly series, I decided to cover the weekly game deals from Humble Bundle and Steam in one edition: The Wednesday Edition. Largely I decided upon doing it [...]

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