How to Choose a Projector


You want a movie theater in your home? You want to host outdoor movies on warm summer evenings? You want a mega screen for the big game in your den? There is one word that springs to mind: Projector.

How to Pick the Right Projector

A projector, unlike a television, can be adjusted to fit a range of areas, making it the ideal choice for many who would like to view movies and play games in a non-conventional way. The larger the screen on a television, the more expensive the set. You can purchase a projector and create a screen as large as you’d like.

The benefits of a projector are obvious. What is not clear is what kind of projector you should purchase. A few of the options for projectors make the research for one just as detailed as that for a good television set.


In DLP (digital light processing) projectors, the image you see is created by a network of tiny mirrors on a chip. The mirrors shift and turn a pixel on or off. One of the biggest benefits to a DLP is its small package size, making it more mobile than that of the LCD projectors. Due to its ability to produce deeper levels of black, it is a win over LCDs in many home theaters. 

LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors contain three separate panels which allow light to pass or close to block the light in order to create the images that are projected on the screen. This variation of display allows for better color saturation in output. The LCD also delivers a sharper, cleaner image than that of a DLP. Though they are brighter and clearer, the LCD projectors are notorious for visible pixelation. The darkness of black and the contrast also suffers in comparison to that of a DLP.

Stationary or Mobile?

Are you going to keep your projector in one place, like mounted to the ceiling in your den or home theater? Are you going to transfer it from indoors to outdoors to enjoy outside game play and movie nights? This will determine which projector will be better for you to own. The DLP projectors are lighter and easier to move than their heavier LCD competitors, but if you prefer the cleaner picture, you may not mind the extra weight.

When in doubt, Projector SuperStore!

If you are questioning which projector is going to be the best fit for you and your use, then is your best friend. You can find any number of articles, product showcases, and purchaser reviews to give you the pros and cons of each model, brand, and find the best projector for you.



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