Amazon v. Google: Online Shopping Showdown


We live in a time of technology and convenience. We carry tiny computers around in our pockets. We have an app for everything, accessibility to every possible facet of information, and the ability to order whatever we would like from a number of companies that will deliver directly to our door. There are even places that offer the opportunity to waive things like shipping fees for a small monthly rate. These subscription services are a growing sensation which provide a range of advantages to those who lead hectic lives and need the extra assistance. Two of the most popular of these services are run by names we all know.

Amazon versus Google

Amazon: the online superstore where you can purchase practically anything you could imagine and have it delivered to your doorstep. Music and movie streaming to any number of devices is an inclusive part of the membership package offered by this online giant, and now the addition of the Amazon FireTV stick and set-top box lets members take advantage of not only their Amazon Prime membership, but their membership with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and a plethora of other streaming services. Free two day shipping on a number of items and lightning deals that allow customers to take advantage of deals on a number of promotional items. Subscription packages can be purchased for $99 a year and come with a range of technological perks.

Enter Google. What began as a search engine has now grown into a technology tycoon, expanding its base from phones and tablets to home deliveries. Now, in metropolitan areas, Google Express will bring you items from different local and major retailers to your door on the same day in which the order is placed. The membership fee is slightly cheaper (only a $4 per year difference) and you have the option of receiving products like groceries without ever leaving your home. Delivery areas for Express are limited to around 8 cities, but this is expanding all the time. This program can be purchased either monthly ($10) or yearly ($95).

The question that we now have to ask ourselves: Amazon Prime or Google Express?

Image by G.L. Barone used under the Creative Commons License.



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