Gaming Deal Wednesday: February 17


In coming up with some new ideas for a weekly series, I decided to cover the weekly game deals from Humble Bundle and Steam in one edition: The Wednesday Edition. Largely I decided upon doing it this way because Steam has a Mid-Week Madness sale on a select handful of games, along with a Weekend Sale, and Humble Bundle adds content throughout the week based upon engagement. Since Humble Bundle runs their sales for quite some time, I will periodically be covering some of the best deals from G2A. Without further ado, I present the third edition of Gaming Deal Wednesday!

The Latest Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is astounding this week. For just a single US Dollar we have titles featured like Awesomenauts, Heroes & Generals – Weekend Warrior Pack, Dirty Bomb – The Ultimate Starter Pack, Curse Premium 30-Day Subscription, and WildStar – Jumpstart Pack. If you wanted to order the Dirty Bomb – Bundle Loadout Cards and Case, Path of Exile – Arctic Crown Cobra Pet, or Life is Feudal: Your Own, you need to spend $12. But for a mere five bucks you get Vertiginous Gold 4-pack, SMITE – Freya + Pixel Buster Skin, Neverwinter – Humble Bundle Pack, War of the Vikings, and an Early Access to Robocraft – Twin Robot Pack.

Steam’s Mid-Week Madness

In observance of every gamer’s favorite holiday Valentine’s Day, Steam is offering a ‘Make Love Not War’ free bundle for the entire week, and it’s astounding. I repeat: For free, you get Golden Axe, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Jet Set Radio, and the Sega Classics bundle. All-in-all you’re saving $35 on all these great throwback classics. If you’re looking for something a little more modern and/or different, steam has a total of 434 specials featuring the Total War franchise, Scoregasm, and The Escapists: Walking Dead. Log in and check ’em out for yourself!
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Image By Lars Frantzen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



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