Cyber Monday Gadgetry!


It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! First we trim the turkey before trimming the tree, and then we trim our wallets or purses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those of you that are A) foreign, or B) not familiar with consumerism’s stranglehold on the holiday season, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in which most items in most stores are available at a seemingly incredibly discounted rate. The day was dubbed “Black Friday” to portend the one day of the year in which, theoretically, all business ledgers are in the black (signifying a profit) instead of the red (signifying a loss, or negative profit).
Ever since the Internet skyrocketed in popularity, or arguably ‘necessity,’ new and unique ways were created and targeted in order to sell products or services and keep profit margins high all year long, but with emphasis on the holiday season. Enter “Cyber Monday.” The Monday following Thanksgiving every year is dubbed with this term. As the name implies, Cyber Monday is the ‘Black Friday’ for internet or online-based businesses in which the vast majority of listed products are on sale or slashed with discounts. The key difference between the two, however, is the actual product showcase. Cyber Monday is typically about technology, gadgetry, and money.
Some of the key players and drivers of Cyber Monday recognition over the years include NeweggTigerDirectEbay, and of course Amazon. Let’s take a quick look at some deals and specials for this Cyber Monday from its biggest players. Logo

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Deals

Remember that Amazon Echo Article we published a little while ago? Today Amazon has the Echo for 17% at only $149.00 and they have discounts on nearly all of their Kindle lines. For more sweet deals from Amazon, click here.

Ebay’s Cyber Monday Deals

This year Ebay’s products are varied. Currently the Apple MacBook Pro is 27% off MSRP, which is an amazing deal. If fitness is your forte, FitBit units are available for 39% off MSRP, but it’s worth mentioning that the Cuisinart SS-700 Keurig Coffee brewer is a whopping 86% off MSRP. For all of Ebay’s legit Monday Madness, click here.

TigerDirect’s Cyber Monday Deals

What a wonderful assortment of PCs and Laptops on sale from TigerDirect this year. An ASUS Intel i7 gaming laptop is available for only $800, which is an absolute gem of a deal. Additionally, most televisions and displays are being slashed, including 4k LED models. To see all these sweet PCs, Displays, & more, click here.

Newegg’s Cyber Monday Deals

Newegg is showcasing a huge array of PC parts on sale. In addition to having some PCs and Notebooks on sale, flash memory is over 50% off, Hard Drives are over 25% off as is Memory, and GPUs with various discounts.
Stock up on your tech-based gifts now, folks. Christmas is in a little under four weeks, so the clock is ticking.



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