Want to be a successful Instagram Marketer?


Recently I viewed a webinar about Instagram Marketing in 2016, which featured the exact way to go about paid or unpaid advertising using Instagram. Here are some important points.

Instagram Marketing in 2016


  • Instagram is up 200% in organic traffic from 2012
  • Only 36% of marketers use instagram
  • Audience is primarily 18-49 years of age
How it works:
  • Post Regularly once per day, no less
  • 5PM on Wednesdays is the highest point of engagement
  • Encourage users to go to your profile, engage with with more posts
  • Use Hashtags wisely, minimally, and strategically to target audiences effectively
  • Interact with users related to your purpose and encourage cross-sharing based on the ties and loyalty built with the community
  • Host contests and giveaways using images to drive engagement on the post (example: A Gun Store promotes a giveaway for a gun safe if users respond to the photo with a picture of their gun collections, which would be going into the safe presumably, and the best collection wins the safe).
  • Work with Influencers (celebrities, content authorities, renowned members of the instagram community) to inadvertently endorse your posts
  • Track your growth using links via Bitly, which tracks most of your ad mediums’ statistics
Paid Ads:
  • AdRoll is great for retargeting and performance based marketing, & they have a partnership with Instagram
  • Advertiser’s name, marketing disclosure, Image links to your landing page, and a built-in Call-To-Action button–These things are the difference between ads and regular posts on instagram [Regular posts can work as an ad medium, but it requires more steps on audience engagement.]
  • Remarket manually across multiple devices w/ targeting options almost identical to facebook
  • EXAMPLE: UMSL improved marketing conversions 400% in relation to the same campaign ran simultaneously on facebook, and they gained 30% more followers than normal during the campaign
To keep your campaign optimized:
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY LANDING PAGE IS MANDATORY, and a clear call-to-action is required
  • Keep the creative process aligned with the goals of the product/service we are promoting, and refresh the creative process along the life of the campaign
  • Use Hashtag #InstagramMarketing on other mediums than instagram
  • Focus more on the people you’re trying to target, not the trends themselves

Interested in kicking off your own Instagram Marketing campaign but don’t know where to start? Let the experts help.



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