Long-Term SEO & Sustainability


The most important aspect of any business is longevity. You can have an amazing idea, a great marketing plan, but if your idea is going to be obsolete in five years, how are you going to sell your idea to investors and potential clients?
New developments in business in our constantly advancing technological age have led to the need of implementation of things like website design and search engine optimization. There is a special need for the use of SEO. If you type “show SEO value” in Google, you will find a mass of posts talking about how to use data to support a case for the implementation of SEO can increase website traffic and sales. How can you sell SEO to your group on a grander scale?
Long term SEO can be rolled into a simple explanation: things which generally take a longer period of time to have an effect on SEO progress. This sort of effect can include things such as link building programs, Schema Recommendations, and subdomain transitions. These changes will not have an immediate impact on search traffic and selling the investments to business owners is not an easy task. How, then, do we show the advantages of long term SEO strategies to these tight pocketed individuals?
Projections. Those who are good with numbers and even better with money like to see not what they’re money is paying for but what kind of return rate it will have in the future. Graphing out case studies, potential impact, and transition strategies in a neat presentation to give to a board as support for your long term SEO plans and practices would lead to a well greeted idea rather than a poorly planned one full of “ifs”.
With projections, do not be afraid to throw in the possibilities of clogs in the pipeline. Not only will this help ease the idea of the issue itself when it comes to pass. No transition is ever going to be perfect. Building the belief that it will be perfect will only lead to anger and frustration when something does mess up. If a transition goes off without a hitch and there are no problems at all, then you look that much better in the eyes of those who saw the presentation.
Some of the biggest challenges for any business is building value in your organization and showing how that value can add to the black in the business’s book. Making a case towards things you know, focusing your energy on what you can do and do well, and selling a realistic projection to a business are all ways long term SEO can help improve their ratings and yours.



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