Releasing Super Bowl Ads Early May Improve Search Traffic


Quantcast has assessed the influence Super Bowl Sunday had on five of the manufacturers advertisements ran throughout the event. The results show just how much momentum releasing teasers or adverts can deliver.
With only one exception, not one of the manufacturers noticed the level of lift from their game night advertising from initially unveiling teasers and their adverts online. In comparing search quantity over the two days before the game to both days after the Super Bowl, Quantast discovered that three brands saw double-digit lifts in branded research volume, while little to no influence was seen by the two B2B marketers.
Only Mr. Clean, which introduced two advertising teasers before the game, saw a bigger change in branded search quantity after the full advertisement ran during the Super Bowl. At 407 percent, it observed the greatest boost in brand search among the five manufacturers measured from its Super Bowl advertisement.
From the release of its own four teasers boasting that it would be filming its advertisement live during the Super Bowl, Snickers’ search quantity had skyrocketed 2,669%. Snickers saw an incremental increase of 325% after the evening’s ad broadcast.
Budweiser’s commercial had driven branded search by 192% after the game, significantly less compared to 650% lift after it released its advertisement online the week before.
The B2B brands like Wix found much less dramatic results with regards to driving interest for the brand from their Super Bowl efforts in terms of manufacturer research. Wix didn’t get a bump in branded search volume from its game day advertising in any way, according to Quantcast. A stingy 24 percent raise was seen by the company with its release that went out before game day.
Interestingly Mr. Clean and Snickers, those that released teasers online, noticed the best post game lifts in manufacturer search volume. It’s likely this strategy will carry on to further produce results next year.



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