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Keywords; the internet’s fuel for the ever raging fire that is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When beginning a marketing or SEO campaign, the first and most important step to ensuring success is building a list of keywords. This can undoubtedly be a daunting task if you aren’t in the habit of doing so, but luckily there’s a variety of tools and software available for the beginner.
Today we are reviewing an article by which details a few of these tools, some paid, but mostly free.
WordStream is a great starting point for any new campaign with 30 free keyword searches. These searches detail related keywords to your original keyword search terms along with relative data such as search frequency, volume, and competition. Soovle is another free tool which compares a user-input keyword with related searches from eBay and Amazon along with Google and other search engines. Soovle is great because it brainstorms your keyword lists for you. Ubersuggest is a similar tool, though it works slightly differently. As a campaign manager, you can modify your original keyword search with additional characters as a wildcard, which reveals potential related search terms users may be searching for in addition to your base keyword(s). Lastly, Google’s platforms (AdWords, YouTube) along with Bing’s platform allow you to use a built-in keyword planner and/or report tool which takes your base keywords and reveals how well they may be performing along with suggesting related terms with relevant data to help you make insightful keyword decisions.
For more information on the aforementioned software, along with a few more useful suggestions, please visit the original article here:

The 18 Best Keyword Research Tools for Every Need [Free & Paid!]



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