Understanding Search Volume & Keywords


SEO professionals and novices alike understand that keywords are important in any campaign. Without understanding keywords and how they function for SEO, chances are your content is in serious need of attention. As a consultant, we understand that search volume data for keywords is what gives us the insight to do our job: drive traffic to our client’s site in order to improve the visibility of their content to their target audience.

SEO : Understanding Search Volume & Keyword Intent

Search volume is something every aspect of SEO and online marketing requires. Whether you’re producing unique content for a site or pushing sales conversions, search volume tells you the size of your audience. Presuming you’re in the process of doing keyword research, the intent of your keywords will be to target niche market audiences. Hypothetically, you’re writing an article for a client that sends you a few ideas for posts and marketing. You decide to run a search in Google’s keyword planner for synonymous search terms:
Understanding Search Volume & Keyword Intent
Home theater projectors are searched for significantly many more times than home cinema projectors, indicating that your content should pander widely to ‘home theater projectors’ in order to drive traffic. However, both terms have high competition which means that the term is a very general keyword. All of your articles and marketing for either term should contain longtail keywords to maintain an audience focused on whatever your conversion goals.
Now the audience searching for installation projectors, and very clearly not integration projectors, might be a dual audience due to the lower competition. Potentially, with the right approach, your content could both be engaging for information seekers and those ready to buy alike. For example, your content could contain information that a home theater projector buyer would find relevant, and with proper interlinking placement, you could convert this person into a buyer, killing two birds with a single stone. Just make sure that you use the proper balance between general and longtail keywords to focus on your conversion goals.



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