How Do I Engage People On Social Media


Social media use to be easy. Just post something on Facebook or Twitter and your friends and/or family would like it or comment on it. As more and more social media channels popped up, more and more businesses took notice. Now your post is getting lost in the sea nonsense marketing and it is getting harder and harder to get viewers to engage.
A great way to get your readers engaged with your social media posts is to ask questions.
Here are 10 questions you can ask to keep them engaged.
Let’s pretend the business is music.

  1. Be Specific
    What is your rock band?
  2. Yes or No answers
    Is 1’000 HP your favorite Godsmack song?
  3. Be Timely
    Today in rock history the Beetles first played on the Ed Sullivan show.
  4. Be Edgy
    Do you think music in schools should be cut from the budget?
  5. True or False
    True or False : Mozart was deaf when he wrote his last symphony?
  6. Preference
    Do you like early Matelica or new Metalica?
  7. Fun
    If you were stuck on a deserted island, what album would you take with you? ( you cant stream music on this island ).
  8. Events
    Who is attending Rock On The Range this year in Columbus OH?
  9. Tips
    Hear is 3 easy ways to tune your guitar without a tuning tool.
  10. Video
    Use relevant video from YouTube or shoot your own. You can even use tools like Adobe Spark to create your own videos.


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