Life Altering Technology in 2016


With 2016 literally just days away, we’re getting excited for all the new technology and gadgetry coming our way in the new year. There is a ridiculous amount of information floating around the internet following technology trends, so we reviewed an article by the Wall Street Journal. Prepare to be amazed by all of the new technology we can expect to see this coming year.

Technology For Everyone

The Oculus Rift has been making waves in technology news for a few years. It is largely experimental in nature focusing on making fantasies into realities and focusing on turning mundane environments into extraordinarily vibrant visual utopias. In 2016 we can largely expect to see a new wave of what is being hailed as ‘augmented reality,’ with visual integration being a priority. We all remember Google Glass, and I believe we can all agree it was a little ahead of its time. At the outset, that technology is rapidly gaining popularity.
Messenger apps have also increased in utility. Most of us are indiscriminately connected to some network of communication at all times, whether it be cell phones or Facebook messenger, and the team at Facebook is integrating assistant tasks into its service. The goal is that your messenger platform will soon double as your personal digital assistant.
Drones are always in the media, it would seem, and largely it has to do with the controversy surrounding not only the US government’s Drone Strike Program, but the fear surrounding this relatively exotic new technology. In 2015, the FCC began requiring Drone Owners to register their devices for legal compliance, but in response Drone Manufacturers are treating them more like flying cameras than flying robots. That Go-Pro just got a remote control.
Additionally, we can expect everything to roll over into voice-operated command platforms. Increasingly we collectively use speech-to-text functions for both the hands free element and ease of use.
More points to note:

  • USB-C 2-Way Power Cables are taking off in new electronic devices such as Google Phones and newer Apple Notebooks.
  • Chinese Phones are taking foothold in global technology markets with reliable network services and coverage.
  • Streaming is a wave of the future and digital cable/satellite services are methodically being replaced by Netflix, SlingTV, etc.
  • Wireless charging is becoming a standard method of charging, being shipped with new devices.
  • Wearables are taking a larger market share, and we can expect third-party wearables to make a big debut this year.
  • Multi-Lense Camera Phones will be capable of taking 3-D images (Seriously, these things are insane, so you should do a search).
  • Get very, very familiar with the term ‘Internet of Things.’


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