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Discovery VR Debuts at #CES2016


Among the marketing advertisers at #CES2016 was a booth for Discovery VR. Discovery VR is comprised of Virtual Reality programming by Discovery Channel. Now this is certainly exciting in-and-of itself just for the sheer brilliance of fully immersive television programming, but this is even more exciting for advertisers because they can utilize the virtual reality platform to engage customers in uniquely amazing ways.
The marketing statistics alone make it stand out as a valid ad platform. Since the launch of Discovery VR in August of 2015 it has received over 10 Million unique video views. In just six months, this is an amazing amount of exposure for a new service. Discovery VR shows no signs of leaving the marketing industry anytime soon. Additionally, YouTube is also streaming this content directly on over 200k users’ devices, and this figure shows no signs of slowing down in growth anytime soon.
One of the biggest points to note is that the Discovery VR platform has marketer’s-choice access to run ads during selected programming. Additionally, the distribution possibilities with this platform are insanely widespread. Aside from YouTube, Facebook, & Milk VR, all of Discovery’s Owned & Operated sites, you get custom ad placement across these networks.
Branding is a huge deal with Discovery VR as advertisers can use the platform for expanding the reach of their brand while capitalizing on the recognition of the Discovery brand. Coupled with an immersive and interactive programming experience, your marketing and advertising goals are within reach. As this service and more like it expand further into the television and media markets, we can expect the advertising industry to utilize the opportunities that virtual reality platforms offer. It’s breathtaking to imagine an advertisement of someone walking through our office on a virtual tour or sales presentation–well before they actually get to our office. Welcome to the future of advertising, ladies and gentlemen.



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