SEO Myths: Is it Important to Focus on ‘Desired’ Keywords?


We all know that Search Engine Optimization is built on the basis of outperforming your competitors in search engine results and maintaining that competitive level throughout the life of your site. But while we can all agree on what SEO actually is, there are many SEO myths that can cause even the best SEO expert to make mistakes that may not just cost their client’s search rankings, but may cost them in the way of resources as well.

SEO Myths: Targeting Specific Desired Keywords Based on Industry

More often than not, we have clients come to us with a list of demands usually accompanied by a list of keywords. As SEO professionals, we can all relate to this. Our challenge isn’t to rank our clients for their desired keywords, but to explain to them the magic of relevant content in driving traffic. One of our clients recently experienced this type of rude awakening. After doing some research on their number one desired keyword, we noticed that only 20 monthly searches on average were being performed. Further research revealed that long-tail keywords and alternative keywords to the one desired increased their target audience from 20 to 410 per month. Breaking this news to the client was not necessarily an easy task.
Once we discovered the increase in audience, we explained to the client that by altering their approach toward producing new and relevant landing pages, posting new content, and sharing them on social media would actually drive more traffic and conversions than targeting a really, really great keyword… for which nobody is searching. Their new approach thus far has driven measurable success related to their conversion goals, all by expanding their audience and targeting appropriately. What clients really need to understand, and what we need to properly convey to them, is that google users will have a better chance of finding their content by relating to the audience directly, not the other way around.



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