How and Why to Use Click-to-Call Buttons on Your Website


Many website owners wonder what they can do to improve their customer’s experience. One option is to add a click-to-call button. This is a simple and extremely effective feature that can be used on any website, regardless of the size or type of business it is for. However, there are still many people who wonder How and Why to Use Click-to-Call Buttons on Your Website. Some answers to these important questions can be found here.

Click-to-Call Explained

A click-to-call link is really a simple idea. By tapping or clicking on a link on a web page a specific action occurs. In most cases, tapping the button will bring up the telephone dialer. One of the most popular ways that this is used is for converting numbers used on a web page into actual, clickable links. This prevents a website visitor from having to manually enter the phone number to call the business. This benefits the site visitor, as well as the site owner, and often lead to more and faster conversions.

How Click-to-Call Works

If a website owner wants to create a click-to-call button, they just need to wrap the number in a particular tag, which utilizes the tel protocol with the href attribute. It is highly recommended by professionals to include the entire international dialing
Click-To-Call & Local SEO Engagement - iDzynscode when putting in the number. This will ensure that the call can be placed successfully, regardless of where the caller is located.
Even though a site owner can use any text for the link text, it is useful to actually include the number, which allows the user to recognize at a glance what the number is and what they should expect to happen. Also, since the action that is triggered, either dial number or add to contacts, depends on the device’s implementation, it often makes sense to have the number as the text link, rather than something like “call now.”

What about Devices with No Phone Ability?

If a site visitor is using a device that doesn’t have dialing capabilities, it may still support the click-to-call features. However, there is no way for the call to go through if the device doesn’t have a phone. Another action that may be used is to “add to contacts.” For example, when the tel link is pressed on an iPad, it triggers the dialog with the “add to contacts” or “send message” options. This is a feature that is often even used with VoIP phone systems.

Variations for the Click-to-Call Theme

According to experts, the tel scheme is the most widely supported option. If a website owner is only going to implement one, this should be the one they choose. However, there are other possibilities as well. Working with a professional may let a business owner if a variation is the best answer.
There is no question that a click-to-call button can be beneficial for both site owners, as well as site visitors. In addition to making it easier to contact the business, the button will also encourage interaction. To learn more about click-to-call links and how to implement them in your marketing strategy, contact us today at iDzyns.



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